Australian Reproductive Technologies is an Australian owned company based in Rockhampton, the heart of beef country. We provide assisted reproductive biotechnology and genetics to cattle breeders across national and international borders.

Established in 2007, ART has garnered a strong reputation for excellence in artificial reproductive technology for cattle genetics.

Products and services 

We provide a full suite of assisted reproductive technologies such as AI and embryo transfer, however at the core of ART’s success, is our unparalleled IVF embryo technology. ART has successfully combined leading cattle IVF technology from South America, with cutting edge technology from established human IVF techniques. This has resulted in a vast improvement in embryo production and quality, and consequently has placed ART at the forefront of cattle reproductive biotechnology.

Additionally, ART has taken artificial breeding in cattle to a new level by combining the applied benefits of nutrition and herd management to donor and recipient cattle. The improved management techniques have generated significant increases in the success rates of IVF in cattle.

This IVF technology allows the most rapid mass replication of elite genetics to enhance production traits. 

Given the immense logistics of transporting embryos across vast remote areas of Australia, ART has developed robust, unique and adaptable equipment to facilitate the transport of embryos. We frequently transport embryos from Central QLD to every state in Australia; One example of this, is transporting embryos from Rockhampton to Port Headland in Western Australia (~4000km by road and air).

Accreditation and Awards 

ART has won a number of prestigious awards over the past years including winner of AusIndustry “Innovative Business of the Year “ award in 2009, followed up in 2010 with “Destined for Greatness” award. ART has also garnered the support of both Australian State and Federal governments, and has fostered a number of business relationships with international cattle breeding interests.

International Experience 

We service the domestic cattle industry with highly skilled staff, international expertise, world-class facilities and technologies. However, we are also working collaboratively to expand our international footprint, currently negotiating services and breeding programs in China, Vietnam, Fiji, Oman, Ukraine and Botswana.