At the core of ART’s success, is its unparalleled IVF embryo technology. ART has successfully combined leading cattle IVF technology with cutting edge technology from established human IVF techniques. This has resulted in a vast improvement in embryo production and quality, and consequently has placed ART at the forefront of cattle reproductive biotechnology. Additionally, ART has taken artificial breeding in cattle to a new level by combining the applied benefits of nutrition and herd management to donor and recipient cattle. The improved management techniques have generated significant increases in the success rates of IVF in cattle.

Headquartered within the boundaries of the Beef Capital of Australia, ART is ideally located in the regional community of Mt Chalmers see location map. With close geographical and personal links to the cattle industry, ART has access to world class cattle and the management experience to leverage this opportunity.

One of the key components of the success of any Artificial Breeding (AB) program lies in the quality and management of the donor and recipient cattle. Unfortunately, in many programs this factor remains extremely variable. It has been demonstrated through the success of the ART IVF programs in Australia that ideally, cattle should be on a rising plain of nutrition for approximately six weeks prior to treatment for AB.

ART IVF technology is a unique combination of advanced South American cattle biotechnology infused with the latest cutting edge human IVF technology. In addition to reproductive biotechnologies and processes, ART offers expertise in nutrition, reproductive health and herd management. When biotechnology is combined with nutrition and herd management, the overall success of the AB program routinely increases to a live calf drop of up to 50 calves per annum, per cow in the following way. One donor should produce two calves per IVF procedure. Since IVF can be performed every two weeks, it is possible to produce 50 calves per year, per donor. It is important to note that beef cattle typically produce more embryos than dairy cattle and perform better as recipients.

ART offers flexible options to clients, with best practice reproductive biotechnology for cattle across a multitude of breeds. For example, over the past five years ART has worked with a variety of breeds including Friesian, Brown Swiss, Angus, Wagyu, Poll Hereford, Senepol, Brahman, Droughtmaster, Santa Gertrudis and Bonsmara.

The artificial breeding service offers flexible options to clients in best practice reproduction techniques for cattle, in particular dairy and stud beef cattle, across breeds. The standard services include donor programming, collection and embryo production and transfer. A unique feature of service is the leading edge In Vitro fertilisation techniques offered to cattle producers, either on site at the producers property and into their own recipient prepared cattle, or to recipient cattle prepared on a monitored rising plain of nutrition in an ART controlled environment.