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Collaborative Partners

ART is actively involved in a number of ongoing research collaborations with both Australian and international universities, as well as a number of commercial business interests globally. ART currently export embryos to a number of countries across Asia, including: China, Vietnam and Malaysia. In addition, ART has advised beef producers in Botswana, and hosted researchers from Nigeria, China and France.

The Australian Government is a supportive collaborator of ART –  our international success could not have happened without the assistance of Austrade, Tradestart and Trade and Investment Queensland.


Commercial Collaboration:

ART Lab Solutions

Australian Reproductive Technology has partnered with ART Lab Solutions to create a full suite of uniquely tailored products specific for the cattle embryo production industry.


Overseas Collaborations:


ART successfully tendered a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture Fiji in 2017. This project involves the introduction of 3 new cattle breeds specially adapted to environmental conditions in Fiji. Embryo transfers are currently being performed as part of Phase 1. Subsequent phases include transfer of technology, training Fijian staff both in Fiji and Australia and the development of a new “branded” beef supply chain.


In 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Vietnam approached ART to see how the company’s IVF technologies could be applied to grow its beef and dairy cattle herds.

This collaboration has resulted in the successful introduction of new genetics to Vietnam and the construction of a comprehensive reproductive facility is currently underway at Hoa Lac High Technology Park. Upon completion, this project will sport world class laboratory and cattle facilities in the heart of Vietnam’s technological development industry, with the capability of conducting large scale cattle breeding and research programs, to enhance genetic gain and production efficiency for third world producers.

China – Shanghai Dairy Group (Bright Food)

In 2012 ART embarked on a 10 year JV with Shanghai Dairy Group. The scope of the project is to utilise SDG’s highest producing dairy cattle to mass produce sexed embryos for subsequent transfer into low producing cattle. The resulting progeny will have production capacities in excess of 11,000 litres/yr. It is anticipated that within 5 years, ART will produce ~100,000 female calves/year from 1500 elite donors.

Importation of Australian genetics (both semen and embryos) into China, to supplement and maintain genetic diversity is also ongoing.


During phase 1 of the Indian National Dairy Plan announced in 2012, special emphasis has been placed on the preservation and development of a select number of indigenous cattle breeds. IVF technology is particularly suited for this project.

ART management executed intensive industry investigations in India in 2012. The northern dairy industry was the focus of this investigation. During the 2 week stay a comprehensive understanding of the status and the potential to apply reproductive biotechnologies was attained.


Conservation Collaborations:

Each year ART provides services to an increasing number of commercial businesses, both domestic and international. In conjunction with this commercial success, ART is committed to providing services and expertise to groups which support environmental sustainability.

ART is keenly involved with endangered species conservation, providing assisted reproductive services to several endangered species recovery programs, inclusive of the Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat and Bridled Nailtail Wallaby.

Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat


Australian Bridled Nailtail Wallaby

Australian Animals Care and Education Inc. (AACE)
For several years, ART managing director Simon Walton held the director’s position at the Rockhampton Zoo. His history working with native and exotic animals fostered an interest in the conservation of endangered species. ART presently works in collaboration with AACE, to provide technical and consulting services regarding their Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat captive breeding population.