Job Description for Transvaginal Oocyte Recovery (TVOR) Technician

Reports to: Managing Director
Supervised by: Managing Director
Supervises: Oocyte recovery technician
Staff within the following sections report directly to this position:
Internal Liaisons: ART staff, managers, directors and other employees
External Liaisons: Clients and General Public

The position of TVOT Technician is a fixed term full-time position. The objectives, responsibilities and authority for this position are detailed below.

Upon commencement, the incumbent will be required to undertake a corporate and site induction. It will cover such things as the role, services and structure of the company, as well an introduction to other personnel within the company. It will also cover WH&S policies and procedures.

Your gross salary will be in accordance with the relevant award. All wages are paid fortnightly and deposited in a banking institution of your choice.

A company vehicle will be provided with this position in accordance with the provisions of the current “Vehicle Use Policy”. This vehicle is for work purposes only.

Position Objectives:

1. Nutritional, health and logistical management of donor cattle.
2. Reproductive evaluation of donor and recipient cattle using ultrasonography.
3. Dissemination of information to producers on nutritional and health protocols for donor and recipient cattle
4. Will evaluate farm infrastructure for structural necessities
5. Perform OPU using ultrasonography.
6. Supervise Oocyte searcher
7. Diagnostic pregnancy and gender detection using ultrasonography.
8. Pre and post natal management of elite offspring.
9. Education and training of Australian staff to perform all procedures necessary to be OPU Manager.
10. To manage the day-to-day operations of the various donor cattle programs.
11. To meet the requirements of ART’s WH&S Safety Management System in carrying out responsibilities
12. Participate in relevant research programmes

Position Responsibilities:

OPU Operations:
1. Manage the day-to-day OPU operations of ART.
2. Ensure that the safety and well-being of animals, staff and public is maintained.
3. Ensure operations meet company plans and targets.
4. Develop strategies to promote the operations of ART and carryout public relations activities in regards to ART in accordance with ARTs guidelines.
5. Carry out other operational directives as given by the Directors.
6. Develop operational plans for any capital work projects related to ART
7. Monitor projects and report findings on project results.

Financial Management:
1. Prepare and monitor the OPU budget.
2. Prepare annual budget submissions and monitor expenditure against approved budgets.
3. Develop long-term capital budgets for the unit in liaison with Managing Director.

Customer Service:
1. Promote and maintain a positive organisational image and good community relations;
2. Provide quality customer service to both internal and external customers; and
3. Report to the Position Supervisor in a timely manner on issues and activities likely to influence ART’s operations or relations with ART’s customers.

Team work:
1. Participate in regular team meetings as a means of passing on information, identifying project problems, safety issues and continuous improvements;
2. Provide on-the-job-training, assistance and cooperate with your co-workers; and
3. Carry out other tasks as required by the team to ensure the team’s effectiveness and efficiency

Leadership & Human Resource:
1. Supervision of staff in accordance with ART’s HRM Policies. This will involve:
_ Dealing with workplace relations issues [eg grievances, discipline] and non-compliance in regards to Equal Employment Opportunity, harassment and anti-discrimination and reporting serious breaches to the Position Supervisor
_ Staffing functions [eg selection, appointment induction, probation] involved in ART
_ Managing work performance.
2. Assisting, supporting and coaching staff where required.

Workplace Health & Safety:
1. Ensure all work is carried out in accordance with the obligations detailed in the Workplace Health & Safety Act & Regulations.
2. In accordance with ART’s WH&S plan an Employee must ensure that they do not place themselves or others at risk of injury or illness. This obligations will be meet by:
_ Adhering to WH&S obligations and adopt sound work practices;
_ Following all safe working procedures and practices designed for the work;
_ Eliminating, reporting or advising their supervisor to avoid, eliminate or minimise potential hazards when they become aware of a potential hazardous work related condition or practice;
_ Ensuring that instructions to protect their health and safety are followed and all personal protective equipment provided is used and maintained; and
_ When requested assist the supervisor and other workers in the risk assessment of workplace hazards.

ART Policies:
1. Ensure all activities, projects and tasks are carried out in accordance with ART Policies, in particular Human Resource; Recordkeeping [See Recordkeeping Responsibility Statement]; Information Technology; Safety; Risk Management

Position Requirements
1. Experience in and knowledge of IVF in assisted cattle breeding operations, particularly ultrasound assisted embryo transfer.and management of recipient cattle.
Qualifications & Licences:
2. Tertiary qualifications in operations or other related scientific disciplines.
3. Excellent interpersonal communications including:
• Conflict resolution and negotiations;
• Team work;
• Provision of customer service; and
4. Demonstrated written communication skills including correspondence and report writing.
5. Good financial management skills in preparing and monitoring budgets and costing projects.
6. Demonstrated ability to lead others and good knowledge of current human resources practices including:
• Performance management;
• On-the-job training; and
• EEO practices.
Knowledge & Understanding:
7. Demonstrated understanding and management of assisted reproductive technology commercial operations.
8. Knowledge of networking and public relations.
9. Practical understanding of Workplace, Health and Safety requirements, including risk assessment

Position’s Authority & Delegation:
This position has authority to carry out tasks:
1. In accordance with the responsibilities in this Position Description
2. As per the direction of the Managing Director.
The incumbent in carrying out this authority may use the following guidelines:
3. Develop solutions to problems by being creative and using analytical skills based on professional and technical skills within the scope of the position;
4. Make decisions based on ART policies and procedures; and
5. Use initiative within these guidelines in carrying out their work in order to maintain effectiveness and efficiency will make non-routine decisions but decisions that are politically sensitive nature must be referred to your supervisor.
Delegations for this Position:

IT Hardware Applications YES
Mobile YES
Land line Yes
Vehicle: Yes
Uniform -Outdoor
Building Access Yes

Applications to be made by email to simon@artivf.com.au